Chartres Cathedral Stained Glass

Welcome to Chartres Cathedral, probably the finest example of French Gothic architecture and said by some to be the most beautiful cathedral in France.

Chartres Cathedral Transepts

When Chartres was rebuilt after the fire of 1194, both the scale and extent of cathedral imagery had changed. Gothic Chartres was conceived as a … Read more

Chartres Cathedral Sculpture

Our Lady of Chartres is par excellence a cathedral of images, both carved and painted. Portals to west, north and south are guarded and enlivened … Read more

Chartres Cathedral Before 1194

Apart from Fulbert’s crypt the earliest part of the Chartres Cathedral is the west end. Architecturally, its most prominent features are the two towers. These … Read more

Chartres Cathedral After 1194

The damage inflicted by the fire of 1194 is hard to assess today, although contemporary chroniclers indicated that it was total. It is possible that … Read more