Chartres Cathedral Architecture

Welcome to Chartres Cathedral, probably the finest example of French Gothic architecture and said by some to be the most beautiful cathedral in France.

Current building

Chartres Cathedral, built of limestone, is around 34 m high and 130 m long internally. It has a four-bay choir with double aisles and a double ambulatory with six radiating chapels, of which three are shallow and three, reflecting the surviving crypt chapels, are deeper.

The transepts have three bays with east and west aisles; the six-bay nave has single aisles and a western block with two towers.

The elevation is three storeyed, with piliers cantonnés for the main piers, a narrow triforium and a clerestory that was unprecedently high.

Chartres Cathedral Before 1194

Apart from Fulbert’s crypt the earliest part of the Chartres Cathedral is the west end. Architecturally, its most prominent features are the two towers. These …
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Chartres Cathedral After 1194

The damage inflicted by the fire of 1194 is hard to assess today, although contemporary chroniclers indicated that it was total. It is possible that the …
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